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At Hensafe, we've successfully raised chickens for over 65 years, so you could say we know a few things about keeping chickens safe and happy. So when it came to designing a modern chicken coop, we harnessed all of our experience to make something truly special.

With a light weight, sturdy aluminium and plastic construction, the Hensafe coop won't corrode or rot no matter what your local climate is like. Also our simple design is easy to clean and move around your yard, but strong enough to protect your 'girls' from predators and bad weather, creating the perfect space for happy chickens.

Unlike other coops, we use Australia Post to send your new flat packed coop to your door. So regardless of whether your chooks are city dwellers or country bumpkins, you can order your coop and have it delivered no matter where you live.

We're so confident of our sturdy and durable construction that we guarantee their use for 12 months! If anything goes wrong with your coop, simply contact us and we will look after you with advice or replacement parts if necessary.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminium with the expanded aluminium mesh on the lower level of the coop. The top level of the coop is made from hollow core plastic, which allows natural light into the coop ensuring your girls lay to their full potential.

Why not ask us about how you can make you chicken coop the coolest one in town by adding one of our solar powered chicken coop doors. Your girls will love you for it! 

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