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How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Australia Post advise 7-10 business days.

I haven't received a tracking number.

Australia Post scan your parcel on pick up. As long as you have given us your email correctly you should receive updates as it is processed through Australia Post. If not please check your junk emails. Also some emails block Australia Post correspondence, therefore you won't get your tracking. If you haven't received your parcel 10 business days after you have been sent your dispatch email with your instructions, then please let us know via email.

Can my door be express posted?

Unfortunately not. We are outside the Express Post area, therefore you are only paying more for a standard service.

When will you send my order?

We have a pick up by Australia Post on Monday and Thursday. If a public holiday falls on any of these days it will go the next pick up day. Also occasionally we have holidays so during this time we also hold off sending parcels.


Can the Hensafe Door be powered?

Yes. When you place your order simply tell us you wish for your door to be powered and we will configure it to be powered.

When I plugged my battery into the timer it popped and smoke came out?

If this has happened to you then you have blown the capacitor inside the timer. You have done this by plugging in the battery the wrong way around. The plug on the battery has a small groove that indicates which way around it goes, in addition to the black to black and red to red rule. You will need to order a new timer so send us an email through our contact us page. 


My door didn't close, my battery has gone flat and I have only had it for two weeks?

If your battery has gone flat then the first thing you need to look at is the location of the solar panel. Your solar panel needs to be in full sunlight for as much of the day as possible. Next are the cables plugged in correctly? Simply pull the plugs apart and then reconnect them. Once you have done the above, turn the door to 'OFF' and leave it off until the battery is fully charged. Then you can turn the door to 'AUTO' again. If you continue to have issues please send us an email through our contact us page with photos and videos if possible.

My door didn't close last night and I can't operate it using the 'MANUAL' button?

Firstly check what side of the motor the string is on. It needs to be on the left hand side of the motor. If it is on the right hand side, then the door panel will be up against the safety switch on the timer. This little switch cuts all power to the door so your motor won't get damaged. Simply check out the video on our Gallery Page called "Door Stuck Open".

My door opened before my preset open time?

If your door opened before your preset time, then you have another preset time set in the timer. To fix this simply check out our video on our Gallery Page called "Clearing Other Preset Times"

My door didn't open this morning and my battery is showing fully charged?

First thing to check is that the little switch on the bottom of the timer is open. If it is closed then it will be cutting all power to the door. Next thing to check is the preset closing times. To fix this simply check out our video on our Gallery Page called "Clearing Other Preset Times"

The motor won't wind the string up?

If the motor sounds like it engages but doesn't wind the string then the gears have been stripped or they have seized. You will need to purchase a new motor. This usually happens if  the motor has had too much pressure put on it. For example when the door is open and you try to force it. These can be order through Our Products Page.

My door opens straight after it closes?

If your door closes then re-opens you need to look at how you have installed the door. Firstly check that you have about a 10mm gap under the door frame. This allows the magnet on the door to reach the sensor at the middle of the frame. Next have you undone the string for whatever reason? If so you could have tied the string to short which means the magnet on the door panel can't reach the sensor at the middle of the frame. To fix this see our video on our Gallery Page called "Adjusting The String". It could also mean that you have an open time set for just after your close time. To check this see our video on our Gallery Page called "Clearing Other Preset Times".

My door opens after my preset open time?

If your door opens after your preset open time this indicates your battery is flat. Your door is opening only once there is enough sun on the panel to open the door. If you were to unplug the battery and press the test button the battery will show flat. If you plug it back in again it will show full because the solar panel is now in sunlight. To see how to do this simply watch our video "How To Test Your Battery". To fix this issue you will need to move the solar panel to a better position to get more sunlight.

The string is wrapped around the shaft of the motor?

The string needs to be in the groove of the motor and on the left hand side. If it has come out of the groove and still on the lefthand side of the motor simply use the 'MANUAL' button to turn it to 'OFF' as the door closes and the string unwinds gently guide it back into the groove. To see this done jump across to our Gallery Page and watch the video "How To Unwind The String".

What do the coloured lights on the battery mean?

The coloured lights indicate how charged the battery is. They deplete as the battery gets flat. The colours don't indicate anything other than how charged the battery is.

The solar panel appears to be no longer charging?

If the solar panel is no longer charging the battery then there are a couple of things you need to check. Firstly check that the solar panel is clean and free from debris. Next you will need to check the cable and make sure nothing has decided to nibble the cable and expose the wires. You will also need to check that nothing has got into the connection box on the back of the panel. Sometimes little critters find this place a warm place to nest and they short out the connection. Lastly check that the connection into the timer is ok. There needs to be only wire caught between the plates. If the plastic cable is caught in there it can stop the panel from charging the battery. 

The buttons on my timer don't seem to work and there is no display on the timer?

Sometimes as above, little critters like to get into the timer and make their homes in there. This can cause the timer to short, depending where they have built their homes or interfere with the button mechanism. Please remove the timer from the unit and return to us with a covering note and we can inspect it, fix it and return it to you. Please see our Contact Us page for postal details.


How many chickens can the Hensafe Coop hold?

If you are planning on keeping your chickens in, then it can hold 3-4 chickens. If you are going to be letting them out every day then it can hold anywhere up to 6 chickens.

Isn't the nesting box to small?

Quite the contrary. Not all chickens lay at the same time. They all have a different cycle. So one nesting box for 4-6 chickens is quite normal. Chickens also don't sleep or they shouldn't sleep in the nesting box. They should sleep on a perch.

What end do i put the wheels on?

You can put the wheels on either end. Its up to you.

Someone has ticked my list of parts in my instruction book?

Yes they sure have. That is me! I do this so you know that each part has been inspected and correctly labelled as per the instructions.

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