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The Hensafe Solar Powered Automatic Chicken Coop Door, the answer for keeping your chickens safe when you can’t get home to lock them up. Fits most coops, easy to install, weather resistant, easy to use timer, environmentally friendly, Australian Made, and comes conveniently boxed for postage anywhere in the world.

HENSAFE DOOR KIT INCLUDES: Door frame and panel, battery, motor, timer and solar panel with 3 metres of cable.

Height = 920mm

Width = 450mm (this is from the edge of the tab through to the other side of the tab)

Door hole opening = 350mm x 350mm

Hensafe Door

  • If a product is faulty we are happy to replace. However if the product no longer works as it should due to misuse the product will not be replaced. If you feel that the product is faulty please return to Hensafe Pty Ltd, PO Box 90, COLDSTREAM, VIC 3770 with a covering note for testing.

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