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Our Hensafe battery charger is used to re-charge the Hensafe battery pack or power the Hensafe door (for those that simply can’t get the solar panel into full sunlight). The battery charger is a standard 16.8v dc transformer that comes with a female plug to charge the battery. Please advise if you require the battery charger to power your door as we need to send additional plugs.

Hensafe Battery Charger

  • Our Hensafe battery charger is designed to re-charge the battery. It can also be used to power your door. If you require your door to be powered please advise when you order so the correct plugs can be sent / installed.

  • If a product is faulty we are happy to replace. However if the product no longer works as it should due to misuse the product will not be replaced. If you feel that the product is faulty please return to Hensafe Pty Ltd, PO Box 90, COLDSTREAM, VIC 3770 with a covering note for testing.

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