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Hensafe Chicken Coop is a light weight, robust chicken coop. The chicken coop come flat packed and is easy to assemble. Our unique locking system makes the chicken coop easily constructable by anyone with minimal tools required.
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Product Description

The Hensafe Chicken Coop was developed through a customer need for a durable yet lightweight coop. Our Chicken Coop is made of lightweight aluminium which is long lasting, rust free and should never need replacing.

The Hensafe Chicken Coop panels are made of twin walled corrugated plastic that has been UV treated to the highest level to ensure it can withstand the Australian sun. The mesh panels of the coop are also aluminium and are designed to allow maximum air flow through your coop yet designed to keep those wild birds out. Both these panels are of the same width to allow you to interchange the panels to achieve the design you require. Our unique interlocking system has been designed so that construction of our coops are easy and minimum tools are required.

The coop has a removable nesting box for ease of cleaning and our easy access panel at the back of the coop means you don’t have to enter the coop to collect your eggs.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 91.0 x 73.5 x 22.5 cm


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