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Timer Instructions

Installation Instructions

Will the Hensafe Door Fit My Coop?

Yes, the Hensafe Door will fit most chicken coops as long as you have one wall that is 1 metre high by 0.5 metres wide.

How far away must I have my Solar Panel

There is no specific distance required for your Solar Panel. You just need to make sure it is in full sunlight. In your package your Solar Panel comes with a 3 metre cable on it and can be extended for a small fee. If you require this please email us through our CONTACT US page.

Can I use the Hensafe Door for other animals?

Yes, the door can be used for other animals, we currently have ducks and geese using our doors. If you have other animals in mind please email us through our CONTACT US page to discuss.

How much is postage and who do you use?

We use Australia Post. Postage is calculated based on your post code and added to your purchase price when you buy through our Hensafe Store.

My Hensafe Door is opening and closing at random times, how can I fix this?

If your door is opening and closing at random times, this means you have other preset times that the timer is picking up. You need to reset your timer and re-enter your open and closing times. Please refer to your Timer Instructions or download a copy from our Downloads page.

My timer appears flat, the display is still showing the time but and my red light is not working when in the ‘ON’ mode.

If you have no red ON light, there is a possibility that your solar panel is not getting enough sunlight, therefore not keeping your battery charged. If your door is open unplug the motor cable to the timer and turn the timer to ‘OFF’. Move your solar panel into a position so that it gets full sunlight. During winter it can take up to 7 days to fully recharge your battery.

My Hensafe Door is staying open, how can I fix this?

If your Hensafe Door is staying open this is because of one of two things. We have designed the door to have a safety switch to cut off the power to the motor so that the motor doesn’t burn out. If your door is staying open either something or someone has lifted the door past the top sensor and the door has reached the cut off switch. The other reason this has happened is that there is something in the track or across the bottom of the door that once again has stopped the door from meeting the bottom sensor.

To fix this we assume that the cord is now running up the right hand side of the motor. Turn your timer to the ‘ON’ position and gently pull the door down past the top sensor until it appears to kick start itself and continues to close. If this does not happen the arm of the safety switch may be caught, gently push the top of the timer to release the arm. Once at the bottom it will continue past the sensor and start to open again. This is normal. Once at the top sensor it will stop at the sensor. Turn your timer to automatic and it will work again based on the times you have pre-set. DO NOT pull the door down when the timer is in the AUTO or OFF position, you will ruin your door and void your warranty!

My timer reads 0:00 would the timer recognise this as a time?

Yes as the timer is a 24 hour clock. If your timer has this displayed for any of the pre set times your door will open at midnight. For all pre set times not used the display should read –:–.

My Hensafe Door was working fine during summer but now it is winter the battery seems to go flat all the time.

This is a common question and 99% of the time the solar panel is not in the correct position. Try relocating the panel. It must be in a flatish position (a slight angle so rain can run off), and be in FULL sunlight. If there are shadows of any type over the panel this will effect the solar intake. You may need to extend the cable on your panel and if so please contact us on how to do this. Just think of the solar panels on a house. They are in full sunlight, no shadows over them and most of all in a position that they can receive the most amount of direct sunlight. You will not need a bigger solar panel nor will you need a bigger battery.