Keep Your Chooks Safe With Australia’s Only Solar Powered Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Sleep in or stay out late, you’ll never have to open the door for the chooks anymore!


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Let the girls in­-and­-out the easy way

We know chickens. As the third generation to operate a family­run poultry farm of over 65 years has certainly taught us a few things about them. But the one thing that’s always bothered us was how to open and close the coop doors every morning and night, and still have a life.
So I came up with an ingenious solution. A solar powered, automatic chicken coop door… Whether you’re working late, out visiting friends or family, or don’t want to face another frosty Sunday morning, our doors will let your chickens start their day in the morning with ease and safely shut them away at night.

Make your chicken coop ‘automatic’

It’s Not Just Solar Powered, It’s Timed As Well

Ideally, you’d leave your chickens in the coop until all the eggs are laid (to save you from hunting for them around the garden). But you’ve got to get to work on time and can’t wait around.

Our in­built timer lets you free them when the time is right. And as the seasons change, it’s simple to adjust it too. It’s reliable and unlike some imported systems, ours won’t close the door every time the sun goes behind the clouds.


Reliable and super easy to install

Our Solar­Powered Doors come fully assembled and can be easily installed on almost any chicken coop by following the included instructions. Made from long­lasting, durable (and rust­free) aluminium, it’ll be an addition to your chicken coop that’ll have everyone talking.

The best part? The custom designed solar­panels power a set of rechargeable batteries that run the door motor. Which means no mains power to hook up, and you can install the system almost anywhere.

Get Your Solar Powered Coop Door

Whether you live in Byron Bay or Shark Bay, we can post your door to you

No matter where you live in Australia, you can have a Hensafe door for your ‘girls’. We can post your Automatic Chicken Door straight to you. And if you ever need to replace a part, we can organise the right one for you too.

Ordering online is easy ­ have your new door on its way to you in no time.

Your fellow poultry owners are so glad they installed a Hensafe door (or two)

When I bought my door on picking it up I was told it was easy to install and yes it is but the timer is bit harder but was told to ring for help which I spoke to Steven on a couple of times to set clock timer. He was so helpful we went through it step by step. It did take a couple times for me to set open and close times but with Steve’s very good help I got it right and now understand the timer ­ it's so easy to set. I have lost about 150 chooks over the years due to forgetting to lock them up or late home to lock the door even my 2 dogs would sleep when those bloody foxes come around. I have now had the auto chook door for about 6 months and have not lost a chook. It's still daylight savings and I have got the time set to close at 9pm and open at 8.30 am so no more late night walking down to the back shed to lock up. All the people who I spoke to at Hensafe were so good to help.

— Des

I went to your website to the FAQ page and I solved the problem it had obviously been pushed up past the sensor it's all good now working fine thanks. Your door is the best thing I have bought after losing about 20 chickens due to foxes I have not lost one in the 2 years since I have had the door.

— Lynn


Stop worrying about the chickens – get a Hensafe Automatic Chicken Coop Door today

We know how much difference an automatic solar­ powered door will make in your life. You’ll even be able to brag to your friends your coop is ‘automated’.

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